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Posted on 13 October 2016

At the beginning of October, CUSBOR was present at the Seville Security Printers Fair, the greatest meeting point for innovative technologies and end product users in the printing and graphics sector, which served as a shop window for showing the advances and progress in the sector, as well as a connection point between professionals.

CUSBOR couldn’t miss the event. Situated on stand 21 in the FIBES, the many and diverse uses of its technical thread  were demonstrated to the visitors – and especially those of technical security thread: a thread of great resistance which can be personalized according to the needs of our customers, in that different colors can be cghosen to show under under UV light – all thanks to modern technology.

CUSBOR thus continues its calendar of fairs and events in the sector. We believe in close communication both for professionals and end users, so that they can see at first hand the quality and use of our products.

If you wish to know more about Cusbor and our wide range of products, visit our web http://www.cusbor.com or contact our sales department by e-mail at cusbor@cusbor.es.