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New technologies in CUSBOR

Posted on 26 September 2016

CUSBOR continues to invest in innovation, both in machinery and new computer technology, in order to keep its leading position in the technical threads sector.

Recently, we have installed new blister pack machines, which will ensure that the product reaches our customers in optimum condition, free from transport damage.

In addition, work has begun on a new software program allowing for a far more thorough control of production and stock. A further application of this system, which we consider to be of great importance and use both for our workers and our customers, is the ability to consult individual purchasing records. In this way, we will be able not only to know at any time our customers´ previous orders, but make an order analysis and so offer orders which meets their needs.

If you wish to find out more about CUSBOR and our extensive catalogue of products, visit our website www.cusbor.com or contact our commercial department at cusbor@cusbor.com