Sewing threads for book binding

Posted on 26 October 2017

In Cusbor we manufacture sewing threads for binding, with different characteristics that are adapted to each type of publication. According to the usefulness and objectives of the book, the binding can be very simple or become almost a work of art that brings exclusivity.

We have polyester yarns coated with cotton, polyamide and heat-sealable yarn.

For example, there is the hard cover binding: the sheets of the book’s gut are covered with a hard paper cover, covered with paper or cloth on which the cover is printed. Although it is quite expensive, it is the system that gives it strength, so you need a type of concrete wire that allows you to maintain these characteristics.

On the other hand, the binding in soft cover, or also called perfect binding, follows the same system but with a thick cardboard that covers the cover, back and back cover. The pages of the book are grouped in booklets sewn together and sticking to the lid. In this case, the thread type will also have specific properties.